Sunday, 8 December 2013

come winters, come dry fruits!

I won’t give you a monotonous lecture on the health benefits of nuts like your mom or elders, but will throw some facts which will certainly make you realise the essential place nuts deserve in our lives!
  • Glowing skin! Now that is a major reason girls should add nuts to their diets. 
  • Better hair
  •  Reducing cholesterol
  • Good for eyes. Students, you better abandon unhealthy habits.
  • Enhances haemoglobin. For all the anaemic people, kindly look to it.
  • Helps in creating new blood cells.
  • Cashew nuts, if eaten in moderation can also help in losing weight! Girls, what are you waiting for?
  • Rich source of vitamins
  •  Healthy unsaturated fats
  •  A power house in short!

Go ahead, make your winters healthier, sharper and more active!

Wednesday, 4 December 2013



I will tell you that! WE ARE JUST NOT IN FOR ANY CHANGE! However sick of the system we maybe, we are simply too regressive to stand up for an alternative.

In a discussion with a group of friends in the morning, I realised how difficult it is to change INDIANS! Powerless as I was, since I did not have my Voter ID I was trying to convince my friends of voting for AAP. Some were BJP supporters, while the others stuck with Congress.  They had their own valid reasons for it, but the only thing that agitated me was that if you are completely fine with the system, why did you always criticise it? First you cry about the corruption in India, and then when someone comes to talk about a corruption free country, you are suspicious of them as well!

It is certain that we can’t have a corruption free India, and I will tell you the reason for that too. People like you and me, who have a decent living, people from the upper middle class, people who have enough to bribe others for their work, will never want a change. Ask yourself, if you can pay “donation” to get your stupid child admitted in a B-School, why the hell will you want a change?
It is not the government who is corrupt, we had made them so! We are responsible for their actions. Had we acted, questioned and protested on the spot, this sad day wouldn’t have come!

I know I don’t have the right to say all this when I have not voted myself, but I am upset with the way people with that power are behaving. Some vote for a certain party just because their parents told them to, while others don’t want to take a chance with the alternative because they are new and don’t have enough power. Some said we will vote for the ever victorious party in our area, because it is certain AAP won’t win and if we vote for them, we are simply wasting our vote!  Different minds, different votes! But people, isn’t our cause common? Aren’t we all fighting with that same giant of evil hanging around all of us?

During the discussion, a friend rightly pointed at me and said that if I am so eager for AAP to win, I should have made sure that I have my voter ID before time. I accept my mistake. I surely wouldn’t have behaved as careless had it been the case with my examination admit card, but I do have the right to share my thoughts about a cause.. I have the right to talk about things which are not just about ‘YOU’ and ‘ME’! It is about the nation, about billions of homeless, jobless, foodless and cloth less people on the streets. If you think Congress has made the Metro and developed Delhi, you are mistaken my friend.  Of course, congress has made considerable change in the state, but do you ever think of those people who are still not aware of what a Metro train looks like? Or someone who doesn’t even know what the Metro is?

I am ashamed that I did not bother myself to take the pain and get my card on time, but people… you have the power! Don’t do what your family or friends are doing blindly!
I discussed it with my friends because I know the one with POWER can bring a lot of change. Powerless like me can transfer our messages to you, the rest is in your hands of course!


Sunday, 13 October 2013



ADDRESS:  B-4/300-A, Main road, Keshav Puram, Delhi-35. (Near Keshav Puram Metro Station, Gate No.1)

OWNER: Mr. Rahul Mehra

CONTACT NO: 9899830062

You must have heard of a boiled egg, fried egg, French toast, plain omelette, cheese omelette and a few other dishes made of egg , but those will be just ‘a few more’.  Mr. Rahul Mehra will completely change your concept of eggs and omelettes. He will treat your taste buds with everything delicious that you can expect to be made from eggs.

This guy left a comfortable job and salary pack in a private company just to follow his passion and his passion for food and cooking led him to invent 225 kinds of omelettes. Yes! You read it correct! 225 different kinds of omelettes are served at Rahul Eggs Corner.

This small eating joint in Keshavpuram was establ ished in 1989 by Mr. Mehra all on his own in Ashok  Vihar, but was shifted to the present address a few months back. A group of five people work at Rahul Eggs Corner to present the delicacies.

The shop opens around 3 PM in the afternoon and runs till 10 at night. The menu offers 225 different kinds under different heads. For example- there are heads like FRENCH, MONACOS, FRIED, MILK, BOILED, TANDOORI, MASALA OMELETTE and the so many more and under these heads are the various options. Mr. Mehra proudly told us that the most famous items are the ‘Star Monaco’ and the ‘Special Tandoori Jhalandhari’ and served us with the same.

While he prepared our feast, we had a little chit chat with him. He told us that all the spices used in the preparation are homemade and all the recipes are his own. His love for food was mirrored in the way he cooked.

We were served the Star Monaco first. These were small square pieces of bread wrapped in egg and fried. Topped with mayonnaise and then garnished with a slice of full boiled egg. On top of the thin slice were kept chopped onions, coriander and a little ketchup. They were crunchy, spicy and soft on the inside. I loved the taste of cheese and mayonnaise that came with the fried egg. One plate is quite filling with the large number of pieces.

We were served the Special Tandoori Jhalandhari after the Star Monaco and it resembled Domino’s Stuffed Garlic Bread in its appearance. This dish was a totally different experience. With all the spices and the tandoori taste.

I highly recommend the readers to try both these dishes, but of course you have a large menu to choose from. I am pretty sure all the dishes are unique and sumptuous.
The prices are economical and worth the flavour. Two to three dishes can be enjoyed easily within 150 bucks!

For any further queries, you can contact
Mr. Rahul Mehra- 9899830062, 9716412312

Photo Credit- Piyush Nagpal
Kashish Badar
UE Columnist

 This article has also been posted on University Express- 

Monday, 16 September 2013


Famous for its Mughlai and Tandoori dishes, CHICKEN CHANGEZI is a non vegetarian’s arcadia. Located on Netaji Subhash Marg, this small restaurant serves outstanding food. Though they don’t have much for vegetarians, but for the non veggies, this is shangri la!

I had heard a lot about the place, and the week before, I decided to visit the place for dinner. It is a small air conditioned restaurant which was established around 12 years back according to the owner, Mr. Mohd. Salman.

As the name of the restaurant suggests, the menu is chicken centric, with only a few other options, but that does not make it any less enticing.  We began with the Afghani Chicken which is chicken marinated in curd and other spices and then roasted. It is then put in gravy of cream and butter. This Afghani chicken is had with onions and coriander chutney. The chicken pieces were succulent and soft. They were properly marinated and the flavours had touched the core of the piece. I would give a 10/10 to this dish because of the tender and juicy chicken it had. The gravy was equally tasty and smooth.

 We had also ordered Butter Chicken which arrived soon with the rumali roti. The proportion of tomatoes, cream and spices was perfect in the dish, but the rumali roti was not such a hit. It was not very hot when served and it became rubbery and stretchy soon.  The butter chicken can be given 8/10.

And the showstopper of the evening was of course the most special dish of the restaurant; the Changezi Chicken. This is a great getaway from the usual chicken dishes. The grilled chicken pieces in the curry are first marinated in lime juice and spices and then grilled. They are later served in gravy. Initially one might find it a little sour, but gradually your taste buds will love it. It’s garnished with freshly chopped coriander leaves and served hot with khamiri roti or plain naan. The dish has a little crunch in it and tanginess. It’s aptly spiced and served. The dish can easily score 8.5/10.

For the dessert we had zafrani kheer. It is basically the normal kheer to which zafran (saffron) is added. This adds further flavour, colour and fragrance to the sweet dish. It was served cold and tasted incredible. After all the spice, the little sugar made a perfect ending to the perfect dinner.

The service is really impressive in the eatery. Despite the renovation that is on in the place, the staff ensures proper check on the customer’s requirement and comfort.

For all those looking out for inexpensive and delicious non vegetarian food this weekend, do try out the place. Even a full plate of butter chicken will not cost more than 500 bucks. The place is great for family meals or an outing with friends. It’s comfortable (not luxurious) and gives you the feel of having good food in the heart of Delhi. After the feast, you can take a walk to the famous Jama Masjid to digest the scrumptious meal.

A meal for two would only cost around 400- 500 bucks. My personal recommendation would be the Afghani Chicken and certainly the Chicken Changezi!

The place is a must try for every non- vegetarian foodie!

You can contact Mr. Mohd. Salman for any further queries.
Mr. Mohd. Salman- 9312251239.
Address (Chicken Changezi)- 3614, Main Road, Darya Ganj.

Kashish Badar
Foodie Correspondent

Photo Credit- Piyush Nagpal

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Ever heard of a Gaajar Parantha?

It’s a rare site to see a woman managing a restaurant in Old Delhi, but I was lucky enough to witness it myself. Owning one of the most famous shops in Paranthe Wali Gali, Mrs. Sakun Sharma is a middle aged woman handling Babu Ram Devi Dayal Paranthe Wale.

Set amidst the hustling and bustling locality of Chandni Chowk, Paranthe Wali Gali, as the name suggests, is a hub for parantha (Indian flatbread) lovers. There are almost ten shops in the street which specialise in different types of paranthas. Out of these shops, almost half are owned by Mrs. Sharma’s extended family’s members. Not all of these shops serve paranthas though; one of them is a sweets shop having khurchan,lassi (churned curd) and other sweets on their menu.

The shop was established in 1889 according to the board outside, but Mrs. Sharma claims that it is much older than that. The shop belongs to her in-laws and she is the sixth generation handling this work. She feels proud to tell me that!

I had gone there with family, so we ordered a variety of paranthas ranging from the plain parantha to the mixed vegetable parantha.  The shop has a large variety to offer. Banana parantha, lemon parantha, parat parantha, bhindi parantha, kaju parantha,karela parantha and so much more. You just have to name it and they have it. We ordered a paneer parantha and badaam parantha to start with. While two men prepared them for us, one boy served us thalis each. The thali had aloo subzi, sitaphal subzi, aloo matar, pickle and saunth in it. The saunth had slices of banana floating in it. We were served the paranthas a little later. Let me tell you a very interesting thing about these flatbreads. Unlike the usual paranthas which are pan fried on a tava, these paranthas are deep fried in a pan of hot ghee/ oil.

We were served the badaam parantha first which had a filling of chopped almonds, salt and red chilli flakes. It tasted fine with the sweet saunth. But the different elements in the parantha could have blended together better. After the badaam parantha, we had the parat parantha (layered parantha). It had thin layers of wheat inside which could be separated easily. This looked interesting to me. Though it did not have any stuffing, but it tasted well with the rabri that we had ordered. We also had a mixed vegetable parantha. It had chopped cauliflower, chillies, potato and a few other vegetables in the stuffing. Our paneer parantha and plain parantha were served soon. These paranthas tasted well with the aloo subzi (dry) and the pickle. There’s one more thing that always manages to add flavour to the north Indian cuisine and that is lassi.  We north Indians just love this combination of paranthas and lassi.

Aloo parantha was last on our plate and I liked it second to the paneer parantha. The other paranthas had too much salt in them. Though the paranthas were golden brown and crisp but the stuffing in most of them was not up to my expectations. The subzis provided along the paranthas were fine but nothing exceptional, but I really liked the paneer parantha and parat parantha with the rabri. I would certainly recommend you to try it.

I would rate the badaam parantha 5/10, the paneer parantha 7/10, aloo parantha 7/10 and the mixed vegetable parantha would only get 4/10 due to the salt.

The paranthas  cost between Rs. 30- Rs. 60. So it is not an expensive deal. You can try out the other stuffings and probably ask the man who prepares them to add salt according to your taste.

A meal for two can be had within Rs. 200 – Rs. 300 very easily. Mrs. Sakun Sharma also told me that all her paranthas are equally popular.

From my personal experience, I would say that Paranthe Wali Gali  is slightly over rated. The variety they offer is the only attractive factor, but the taste and quality can certainly be made better. I think they can expand the variety by introducing non vegetarian paranthas. This will be a great addition on their menu.
With all the popularity and fame that Paranthe Wali Gali enjoys, it is worth a visit for all those who don’t hesitate in experimenting with their food.

And yes! Don’t dare to ask the recipe of your favourite parantha from Mrs.Sakun Sharma because she is quite secretive about it. She will look at you and say “Kuch cheezein bataane ke liye nahi hoti!” J

Photo Credit- Piyush Nagpal

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Grilled Chicken Rolls

For all the heavy gastronomes who are looking for healthy and tasty snacking, here is a delicious recipe for you. A victim of constant weight gain myself, I decided to give up all unhealthy munching, and instead go for a healthy and delicious diet.

One of the simplest and easy to make dishes that one of my friend suggested me to start with is Grilled Chicken Rolls. It is fat free, juicy, filling and succulent. A healthy option for both lunch and dinner.

You will need the following ingredients to make your chicken roll-
1. Boneless chicken pieces
2. Salt
3. Pepper
4. Chappatis

Take the chicken pieces and put some salt and pepper on them. Preheat the griller. Put the chicken pieces on the griller for 5-8 minutes and then flip them to cook the other side for nearly 15 minutes. You can add chopped onions to add to the flavour. When you find the chicken a little brown- golden and soft, take it off. Place the chappati on a plate. You can spread some tomato ketchup or coriander chutney on the chappati for flavour or use them as dips. Spread the small grilled chicken pieces on the chappati and roll it. Cut into small pieces and serve hot!

Hope you enjoy it.

Monday, 12 August 2013


You will not even have to exit the Chawri Bazar metro station and the heady aroma of the dahi – bhalle, papdi and saunth would be there already in your nostrils. It is so overwhelming that it will attract you and you would be left with no option but to join all the people savouring the sweet and sour gol gappe and papdi chat. . Yes! I am talking about the much talked of Ashok Chat Bhandar right outside the Chawri Bazar metro station exit ( Chitli Qabar side) which attracts more than 700 people daily.

The place is almost 70 years old and continues to be one of the favourites among dilliwalas. Though they don’t have a very large menu to choose from, but there are just more than enough options for your tummy! Owned by Mr. Padam Singh, this small chat corner is one of the most successfully run outlet in Old Delhi and being right outside the metro station, its clientele has drastically gone up during the past many years.

Kalmi vada chaat and aloo masala are the most popular snacks served here and the other options available include dahi bhalle, papdi chat, aloo masala, masaledar pani pakodi, kalmi bada chat and gol gappas (with various stuffings). The menu is quite different from the regular chat corners and this makes Ashok Chaat Corner a distinct one among hundreds of Chaatwalas in old Delhi. The prices are not very high and worth the taste.

I had wanted to try the aloo masala and the masaledaar pani pakodi, but it was already finished due to their popularity among the people. Instead, I tried the  kalmi vada chat with papdi. Kalmi vada is a dark brown flat pakoda like thing made of chana daal, gram flour, coriander and other spices. A dough is made of the mixture and cut into small pieces and then the pieces are fried. This delicacy is enjoyed both with coriander chutney as well as part of the chat.

The spicy and crispy kalmi vada with curd and saunth was a flavoursome indulgence. The plate is quite filling and worth the price. The masala sprinkled on the top added to the delish essence. The Kalmi vada chaat would get a 7.5/10 from me. The gol gappas that I tried there were also a hit. The tangy and spicy water was the best part. The freshness of the water is still there in my mouth. I would rate them at 8/10.
Almost all the snacks are priced between Rs. 20-60. So the snacking at Ashok Chat Corner won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

There is another good thing about the place that all the things are home made. From the papris and kalmi vadas to the masala, everything is prepared at home by the owner and his family. He resides near his own shop so the transportation of the material is not problematic. All the things are freshly prepared, so you don’t have to worry about the food being stale.

So the next time you visit Nai Sarak to buy your books or stationery, don’t forget to pamper your taste buds with Ashok’s chat.
If you want to know anything further, kindly contact
Mr. Padam Singh – 9811467238
Address (shop) – 3488, Hauz Qazi Chowk, Delhi -110006.

Till then, happy burping! J

By Kashish ( Foodie Correspondent)
Photo Credit- Piyush Nagpal